Ilan Sofer is one of the most prominent and esteemed attorneys in Israel with more than 25 years’ experience in civil, commercial and white-collar litigation.

He has litigated a long line of precedent setting cases including cases involving civil and corporate law, criminal law, and tenders.

Ilan Sofer was previously selected by Chambers and Partners as one of the four most promising litigators in Israel under the age of 40.

Ilan Sofer began his professional path as an intern and then attorney in the law firm S. Horowitz & Co. Six years later, he was promoted to, and served as, partner in the firm for an additional eight years.

Afterward, Mr. Sofer joined the law firm of Goldfarb Seligman & Co., where he managed the commercial and white collar litigation department over the course of a decade.

Mr. Sofer has extensive experience representing businesspeople, corporations, senior corporate officers, and public figures in complex legal disputes before courts of every level, as well as arbitration including before international bodies such as the ICC.

Mr. Sofer has extensive experience representing shareholders in disputes involving privately-held and publicly traded companies, as well as representing corporations and businesspeople in complicated contractual and commercial disputes in various fields including real estate, insurance, securities, banking and finance, hi-tech, communications, energy, construction and infrastructures, tourism, etc.

Furthermore, Ilan Sofer has extensive experience representing directors and officers in publicly held companies against derivative lawsuits as well as representing corporations against class action claims.

Similarly, Mr. Sofer’s practice includes significant and extensive experience defending businesspeople, officers, and public figures in white collar criminal proceedings, including cases involving securities, antitrust, taxes, and more, before all courts and governmental authorities, from investigation and all the way through trial.

Mr. Sofer has also accrued extensive experience in representing various entities in the fields of administrative and public law,  including petitions to the High Court of Justice as well as administrative petitions, particularly in the field of tender law.

Mr. Sofer also represents corporations and corporate officers in administrative enforcement proceedings commenced by various governmental authorities, as well as represents corporations before the labor courts in both civil and criminal cases.

Mr. Sofer currently serves as co-chair of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Committee of the Israel Bar Association and is a member of the Israel Bar Associations’ National Ethics Committee.

Previously, he has served as chair of the legislative team of the Israel Bar Association’s Criminal Law Forum.

Mr. Sofer regularly lectures on issues of civil, commercial, and criminal litigation in various professional forums.