Elad Beker is a partner at Ilan Sofer & Co.

Mr. Beker specializes in complex domestic and international commercial litigation and disputes in a variety of fields, including construction and infrastructures, corporate law, commercial and contractual litigation, real estate law, intellectual property law, and labor law.

Mr. Beker represents clients in various areas of law before all courts and tribunals, including in arbitration and mediation.

Similarly, Mr. Beker provides clients with strategic legal counsel before the outbreak of disputes which can end up in court, at times in an attempt to prevent them before they erupt.

Mr. Beker has gained extensive experience and expertise in representing corporations, governmental bodies, and businesspeople in the fields of commercial and administrative law, representing developers and contractors in large scale lawsuits in the fields of construction and infrastructures, shareholder disputes including control struggles, commercial claims, trespasser eviction claims, and labor law.

Additionally, Mr. Beker is experienced and expert in representing international clients in disputes with local entities, including before international arbitration institutions such as the ICC.

Similarly, Mr. Beker’s practice includes representing businesspeople and corporate officers in white collar cases and in administrative enforcement proceedings before various public authorities.